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I am DraKul78, and this is my Neocities.

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My profiles

The following hyperlinks refer to various of my profile pages around the web.

The funny buttons

This section contains propaganda material for landmarks of the interweb represented as working buttons that are fun to click. Most of them are made by other people, and I did a few.
Hover over a button for a résumé, and gear up. You can also grab my button and place it on your website! You may download my own button images into your server. Please don't hotlink unless when necessary.


4 buttons

[DraKul78] [DraKul78 (v2)] [DraKul78 (v1)] [mailto:drakul78rblx@hotmail.com]

Video games (Windows 10, x86_64*)

38 buttons + 2 links

[Duke Nukem 3D] [Stardew Valley] [Mindustry] [Freedoom] [Rimworld] [Dwarf Fortress] [Hypnospace Outlaw] [The Unofficial Homestuck Collection] [Cave Story] [Ikaruga] [Sword Fight on the Heights IV] [Yume Nikki] [The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim] [The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion] [Psychonauts 2] [Psychonauts] [Sonic Adventure 2] [osu!] [StepMania] [Deltarune] [Undertale] [Alien Hominid] [Project AM2R] [Counter Strike] [Half-Life] [Minecraft] [Quake] [DOOM (1993)] [Cookie Clicker] [Steam] [Good Old Games] [itch.io] [Game Jolt] [DOSGames.com] [BlueMaxima's Flashpoint] [Armor Games] [Nitrome] [Nexus Mods]
[Shattered Pixel Dungeon] [Xonotic]

Computer programs (Windows 10, x86_64*)

26 buttons + 6 links

[LibreWolf] [Mozilla Firefox] [Tor] [Pale Moon] [Links Browser] [uBlock Origin] [Get Java] [Get a Flash Player projector] [Ruffle] [RetroArch] [MAME] [PICO-8] [foobar2000] [Winamp] [Winamp Skin Museum] [OpenMPT] [OpenMPT] [IrfanView] [VLC] [Notepad++] [paint.net] [GIMP] [Double Commander] [7-Zip] [WinRAR]
[ZDoom] [Krita] [PDF-XChange Editor] [LibreOffice] [OnlyOffice] [MEGA]

Linux distros

10 buttons + 2 link

[Linux.org] [Distrochooser] [Debian] [Arch Linux] [Linux Mint] [Slackware] [KDE] [KDE.news]
[Qubes OS] [TinyCore]

The ones to avoid

[Red Hat] [Ubuntu]


5 buttons + 1 link

[Internet Explorer is EVIL!] [Should I Block Ads?] [Discord? NO WAY!] [Anything but Chrome] [Say no to WEB3!]
[Mozilla - Devil Incarnate]

Personal sites

24 buttons + 1 link

[Neocities] [Yesterweb] [Nathan's Toasty Technologies] [Dannarchy] [Bytemoth's Brook] [maia.crimew.gay] [Skelenby] [Zeus (zeusofthecrows)] [WARP ZONE] [danteScanline] [2Bit] [Sigmatic] [Control Core Angel] [EXPECTATIONemesis] [ODDITYCOMMODDITY] [Owlman] [SKIDZONE] [sadgrl.online] [Melonking] [Woolie] [GifyPet] [TextureTown] [99GIF Shop]

Other websites

43 buttons + 7 links

[DigDeeper] [Online Spyware Watchdog] [Privacy Tools] [Terms of Service; Didn't Read] [Bonjour Québec] GitHub [DRD Team] [Wikipedia] [W3Schools] [Mastodon] [MetConst] [Metroid Database] [SMW Central] [Windows 96] [xkcd] [Homestar Runner] [Explosm] [Vinesauce] [Heckscaper] [DeviantArt] [Newgrounds] [Cards Against Humanity] [Something Awful] [Uncyclomedia] [Internet Archive] [PayPal] [Spotify] [Twitch] [Bandcamp] [Discogs] [The Mod Archive] [GameFAQs] [DuckDuckGo] [Google Search (Cook Islands)] [National Geographic] [The Gutenberg Project] [Headscape] [Lorem Ipsum] [DaFont] [Font Squirrel] [GifCities] [Craiyon] [DON'T YOU LECTURE ME WITH YOUR THIRTY DOLLAR WEBSITE]
[ThioJoe] [The Linux Experiment] [Wakaliwood] [CodinGame] [MajorGeeks] [SS64] [Not Made in China Directory]