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I am DraKul78, and this is my Neocities.

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Note: this is still a work in progress. It's very incomplete as of yet and includes stolen jokes from the Internet.

About me

Brief introduction

I'm Trevor. I was born on 2002/10/11 in the province of Quebec. French is my native language and I'm able to mentally translate English to French and vice versa. It's beautiful where I live, but not as advanced as certain European countries. I like playing video games and I try to be nice to as many people as I can.

I have to warn you that right now: I hate writing. It's just another way of lying in a beautiful way, something for adults to use and tell their tales. Long ways, long lies.

Maybe you need a proof to understand that. I could replace the first paragraph of this page with "I'm a weird adult. I look like I'm 30 years old. I'm cynical and I waste time on ranting or telling stupid jokes on the net because, even though it's futile, sometimes I find it fun.". Put like that, it reeks of sadness and you will certainly be less interested into me, but it probably makes sense at least. That's how the Internet works anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Professional experience

Many things are subject to my will to experiment as much as I can. Back in 2009, I downloaded a bunch of vir00s on my family's only comupter and everyone wasn't happy about it lol. In programming, I worked a little bit with HTML, CSS (it's obvious for these two), C, Lua and batch scripts. I barely touched Python, C# and VBA.

I have average skills generally. I can barely play Sarcophagi by The Mars Volta on guitar and I sing probably badly according to my recordings of myself. My KO:WO ratio averages 4:5 in most PVP games. I also fall in love with my handwriting sometimes.

I love doing manual work, which means using physical strength to accomplish tasks. I worked as a laborer in the summers of 2021 and 2022, and I wish I had done more.

I also like to translate English works into French whenever I feel it.


My favorite color is teal. I like spending most of my time alone, music, spaghetti, video games, swimming and running. I dislike misleading clickbait thumbnails, dubstep, video games [sic], toxic substances (such as cigarettes) and lard.

I try to stay as independent as possible from using the Internet (and yes, I know that maintaining a Neocities website defeats that point, so it becomes a lie). Between 2016 and 2020, I went online much less often, so I decided to try and appreciate some video games that did not need any Internet connection to work, then I learned about DRM protection. I might be paranoiac about the Internet shutting down one day, so GOG, itch and Game Jolt are some game distribution platforms I still rely on so I can keep finding some of the best free or paid video games I can to save them on one of my hardest drives.


The screen resolution I'll be sticking to is preferably 1920 by 1080, or at least anything of 16:9 aspect ratio. I also like to work on Debian. That's all for now.

My projects

I have yet to showcase anything I've done, and I'm hesitating about whether I should use the Galleries page or this About me page.

I created a few Roblox places and almost all of them can be seen on my profile page. The most notable one is DraKul78's Wacky World !!!, in which I make any kind of stuff I can afford to imagine and make. It is more of a museum than a video game since there is not really a goal for players during their visit, though I find it quite addictive for myself at least.

[DraKul78's Wacky World !!!]