DraKul78's base

I am DraKul78, and this is my Neocities.

[here is the JS script for this random text box]

Note: this is a WIP! I'm a noob still getting better at HTML and CSS, so wait a while for something decent.



Hey! Welcome to this disorganized mess.

I'm a solitary captain sailing through the ocean of love and hate. I hoard and consume many audiovisual works of various natures. Also, some friend made a remark about my screen name being a swear word in Romanian lol.

You won't find much in this domain apart from external links in the form of buttons. It's merely a personal space that I claimed for myself just to share some stuff that I like. Go to the link page, it's likely the most interesting part here.

Things to do

This list is not meant to limit itself to its contents; sometimes, unwritten things should be considered.

  • a favicon
  • a style sheet
  • a CSS test page It's here!
  • a page template for the next element of this list It's here!
  • various pages (galleries of various types of things, about me, gaming journal, music playlists, news... you name it)
  • interaction stuff (some pretty and fun things to play with; I may need to learn JavaScript)
  • external links in the form of organized buttons, like tools, resources and videogames!?!? It's here!
  • etc.